Biz Kit For Success: A Course To Creating An Online Business To Aim and Reclaim Your Journey 

A Biz Kit designed to expand on your potential, one step at a time, overcome your objections fears and conflicts, to create a presence that will give you the direction to effectively create "An Online Business".


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Are You Currently... 

Are you looking for that second income or replacing an income? 

Are you a working professional & want to go to the next level in your career? 

Are you stuck at the top of the ladder, yet have more to give? 

Are you looking to make a transition in your career? 

Are you wanting to find your purpose in life? 

Are you stuck and debating on leaving or staying at your job? 

Are you wanting to understand why things are not working when you try so hard? 

Are you wanting to break free from the same beliefs that keep holding you back 



What if Instead You Are Looking For ... 

Create a way to decrease debt with residual income. 

Having unlimited options on the ladder of success. 

Looking for a place to build more in your time frame. 

Wanting to build a more complete resume. 

Filling the Empty nest with excitement. 

Looking for more than what is offered. 

Learn from the ones doing it and willing to teach. 

Overcome the objections, fears and conflicts of the past

Week #1 

Learn to Create an avatar and a direction for you to start! 

Creating a baseline, a brand, who the real you is. 

Dig deep and look at your biggest struggles and conflicts holding you back! 

Establishing your store , knowing what it is that you need. (Money, time, etc) Giving you a direction to look at.

Week #2 

Find the right product that works with who you are. Blogs, Webinars, Videos, Podcasts, etc. 


Learn how to create a vision! Getting to know what you have. 

 Develop a new resume. A new social Presence. 

Week #3 

Learn how to build trust with who we are trying to reach. 

Learn Attraction marketing. Talking with others to have them like, trust and know you. Not promoting or spamming. 

Raising your level of Expertise. 

Learn how to show Your Authority and show up for your market. 

How you promote yourself

Week #4 

Learn how to Monetize and find others that will be interested. 

Where you take the content that you create. 

 Creating a product of your own. 

In the end you will be an “Entrepreneur”

What Are You Waiting for? Get Your Business Growing

Total value on the Package is $1450.00, but you will be getting a disount of 70% if you order today! 

Extra Benefit #1 

PDF Download "5 keys To Breaking the Corporate ladder & Making It Online" (Free)

Extra Benefit #2 

Establishing Your "Unique Selling Proposition" (Value of $200.00)

Extra Benefit #3 

Learn Tips To Monetizing Your Content... (Value of $149.00)

Extra Benefit #4 

Opportunity to Join and Elite Group and Explode Your Income...

What Are You Waiting For?

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